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Rethinking Mallorca’s Seafront

International Architecture Competitions for Students

“Rethinking Mallorca’s Seafront”. This contest has been organized with the collaboration of the Architecture School of Barcelona (ETSAB) and the Architecture Schools Association IFOU.

Here is a brief description of the competition theme and project:


Tourism is without a doubt one of the largest economical activities in the world.
This development has in many ways damaged seafronts to an almost irreparable point. There are many cities that can serve as an example for this; such as Benidorm in the coast of Spain, Playa del Carmen in Mexico or Cartagena in Colombia. Ironically many of these destinations lose their charm when they become too crowded even for the same tourists who flock to them. 

Architecture is definitely one of the main responsible for all this process, but at the same time has the opportunity to remake and correct its errors.
We propose a redesign of the seafront of Cala Millor while taking advantage of the fact that the city council has decided to push back the automobile accessible area away from the seafront, making more space for pedestrian walkways and public spaces. 

This investigation is at the same time based on the pilot plan for the zone that is being promoted by the “Consell Insular de Mallorca” to accomplish the “European treaty for landscape preservation”.

The call is public and is open to all of the undergraduate architectural students as well as related careers: Engineering, Urbanism, Design, etc. that can prove by the means of an official document (registration receipt, student id., etc.) their condition as a student at the moment the inscription process is opened, as well as postgraduate students who have a degree that is no more than 3 years old (this way we consider it to be a continuing student). Participation can be individual or in groups, with a maximum of 6 contestants per group. Groups of different nationalities as well as different
universities are welcomed.

The Jury will be formed by:
  • Jury's President   Carlos Ferrater
  • Architect and Urban Planner:  Biel Horrach
  • Architect and Landscape:  Maria Goula
  • Architect and Urban Planner:  Ricard Pie
  • Geographer and a PhD in Earth Sciences:   Luís Gómez
  • Hotel Asociation of Cala Millor: José Marcial
  • 4000 Euros in Chash
  • Publication of the project in the TC Cuadernos magazine, Future Arquitecturas and WA+wettbewerbeaktuell
  • 1 year subscription to the ON Diseño magazine.
  •  Exhibition at the Architecture University of Barcelona (ETSAB) and Buenos Aires (UBA)
May 15th 2011Registration period begins
November 4th 2011Submision deadline
You can find the complete rules of the contest at the following link:


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