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Conference Invitation: LIVING ON THE EDGE

Conference Invitation: LIVING ON THE EDGE
14th-15th of June, 2012
Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

Europe’s finest. The aim is to bring together young and not so young creative people, educators, social innovators, artists from all corners of Europe and have them discuss with policymakers about the new ways of making the transition and living autonomously. Our online community so far is a rich inventory of strategies and new ways of living that make sense for today’s young generation. Looking closely at those with researcher eyes will be at the core of the event programme.

Casting Edgeryders as protagonists. Community members will be key speakers in roundtables, as well as workshop facilitators. This is part of Edgeryders project being a prototype for generating youth public policies horizontally, giving voice to the young themselves and facilitating direct interaction with institutions.

Get invited! The Council of Europe and European Commission are funding 100-120 individuals to come to Strasbourg, paying for travel, accommodation and living in the two conference days. The selection is based on a social network selection identifying the most active and inspiring members in the community. You too can become one!

I want to come to Strasbourg. How do I participate?

You say yes! to this call by writing a story about yourself. It can be the story of your life’s journey, or the story of a day when you discovered something important about yourself or the world. It can be about achieving something or about coming up against an obstacle that prevented you from achieving it. When you have your contribution ready, there are 2 ways to share it with Edgeryders and beome an active participant:

Option 1. You send it to edgeryders@gmail.com and we’ll post it for you on Edgeryders platform.

Option 2. You can post it yourself if you sign up on Edgeryders and once you are logged in,  you go to Share your Ryde mission and press the button “DO THIS MISSION NOW” (It will open a WYSIWYG editor where you can copy-paste your story)

We look forward to reading you and seeing you in June!
Stay in touch and help us spread the word!

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